8 2021 LA Rams rookies who could surprise in 2022

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LA Rams Roster Ben Skowronek
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II: Strong handed wide receiver

While rookie wide receiver Ben Skowronek did not blow anyone’s socks off in his first NFL action, he certainly can boast of getting the type of playing experience that some NFL veterans of many years never seem to get. In short, he played for a Super Bowl-winning team.

Leaving the table hungry was an age-old adage for a time that seems very forgotten now. It meant not to gorge oneself on one meal so that you could function comfortably, do the rest of the necessary work, and return to the next meal with a strong appetite.

While forgotten, it certainly describes the rookie season for LA Rams wide receiver Ben Skowronek. After all, a rookie wide receiver who gets a start in an LA Rams offense for head coach Sean McVay is not a common occurrence. After seeing Skowronek’s results, there seems to be a good reason for that.

He played in 18 games through the 2021 NFL season, including all four playoff games. At 13 completions out of 26 targets, he certainly left some food on the table. But that may be all that is needed for strong strides into the 2022 NFL season. After all, he was six out of nine for his last three regular-season games for 60 yards. so he got better at the end of the NFL season.

The arrival of veteran Allen Robinson may feel like a demotion for Skowronek, but I’m a bit encouraged by this. Robinson is an ideal example of what Skowronek should strive to become. With Robinson on the Rams roster, the Rams will commit an offensive slot towards a handsy fighting-for-the-football guy. When Robinson is off the football field, Skowronek should get his share of offensive snaps.  And with the pressure off of him to deliver as a starter, he will have a chance to find his own groove.

While 1000 yards this season feels way out of reach, a 400-500 yard season feels very doable.