LA Rams Rumors: Trey Wingo says Tyrann Mathieu + Stephen Gilmore?

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A new twist for LA Rams rumors

While that has been music to the ears of many LA Rams fans, it’s not been the best news for some. Fans, you see, want the Rams to focus upon FA All-Pro cornerback Stephon Gilmore. So far, both Mathieu and Gilmore have been linked to a host of other teams. But only recently have the LA Rams been mentioned as interested in Mathieu.

Now? Well, if Trey Wingo has any sources for this one, you can pencil in the name of the LA Rams as interested in Stephon Gilmore as well. But he is not saying that this is an either-or. Rather, he is proclaiming it to be…. both?

Yes, that’s what he said. Both.

Talk about a blazing bonfire?! While this one makes some sense with the current NFL environment of loading up on receivers, would the Rams truly want to add so many NFL stars to the roster?

Imagine an NFL defense that boasts Jalen Ramsey, Tyrann Mathieu, Stephon Gilmore, and Robert Rochell in the secondary. Leonard Floyd, Bobby Wagner, Ernest Jones, and Justin Hollins are at the linebacker positions. And finally Aaron Donald, Greg Gaines, and A’Shawn Robinson line up on the defensive line? It’s awfully difficult to think of any reason why not to like that starting defense.