LA Rams Rumors: Trey Wingo says Tyrann Mathieu + Stephen Gilmore?

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LA Rams Rumors Tyrann Mathieu Stephon Gilmore
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LA Rams Rumors, and weather, are heating up

If you recall, Gilmore was a holdout for the Patriots a year ago. That holdout eventually led to his being traded to the Carolina Panthers for a 2023 sixth-round pick. Even with the holdout, the trade, and the playing for a new team, Gilmore was voted into his fifth NFL Pro-Bowl appearance.

The New England Patriots controlled Gilmore’s rights, and they eventually did deal him away. Right now, it comes down to Stephon Gilmore in terms of which team he chooses to play for.  So with that being the case, will Gilmore take Jalen Ramsey’s efforts to recruit him to the team up on the offer and play for the LA Rams this year?

He could be very interested. Gilmore has been to the Buffalo Bills and the New England Patriots, but of which are cold-weather cities. Now he has a chance to sign up with the LA Rams and enjoy NFL Championship caliber play in a warm-weather city.  And after 9 NFL seasons for Tyrann Mathieu, and 10 NFL seasons for Stephon Gilmore, Los Angeles, and New York City offer the best “Post-NFL” options for an NFL star.

But Los Angeles is warm. And right now, Trey Wingo is making a case for both Tyrann Mathieu and Stephon Gilmore to end up signing with the LA Rams. I, for one, hope he’s right.

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