There is something about LA Rams DE Jonah Williams . . .

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The LA Rams coaching staff is superbly qualified

I learned to appreciate the ability of the LA Rams front office by tracking their pattern of ‘hitting’ on undrafted players. It’s because the Rams personnel departing is not looking to fill the roster with warm bodies but rather have chosen to pour a lot of energy into each signing to their 90-man roster.  With that process in place, the organization can be certain that the players who make the roster are true complements to this roster and not just fillers.

Of 22 UDFA signings in 2020, six players are still with the team, and at least two others are still in the NFL.  That’s better than a 27 percent success rate for the team entering the third NFL season after signing.  That’s phenomenal.  We’re talking about the 90 man roster, and six of the undrafted additions to the Rams roster, a year with virtual training camp was a 27 percent success rate?

Wow. Just unbelievable.

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But that’s how the LA Rams roll, folks. It’s the pattern we’ve witnessed by the team over and over. Whether it’s an undrafted inside linebacker who makes the Pro Bowl, or a defensive back who was claimed off waivers and becomes one of the best cover defensive backs in the LA Rams secondary, it’s a repeating sequence of events.

That all combines to give the team an incredible competitive advantage. When we talk about just how good defensive line coach Eric Henderson truly is, I don’t know that we fully appreciate what he means to the LA Rams. I think it’s a safe bet to say that most coaches would look good with All-Pro Aaron Donald on the roster.

But that same DAWGWORK mantra that he infuses into each and every one of the defensive linemen on the LA Rams roster only works because that’s how Coach Henny rolls. He is giving as much, if not more, instruction to the undrafted linemen as he gives to the seasoned veterans. He gives as much tough love, wisdom, and NFL perspective, to all of those raw and athletically gifted young men who arrive and want to be shown the way.

He is the perfect coach for what the Rams organization is all about. He molds, shapes, and insists upon players putting in the work for one of the most grueling and thankless jobs in the NFL for the sake of the benefit of the team. Dogs run in packs, and it’s that hunt-in-a-pack, work-for-the-pack mindset that sets this defensive line so far above the rest each season.

And a very raw and athletically gifted Jonah Williams, out of the Weber State small-school football program, landed in possibly the best NFL program to unlock his potential.