There is something about LA Rams DE Jonah Williams . . .

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LA Rams Roster Jonah Williams
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From Missionary Man to man-on-a-mission

The college football career of Jonah Williams was itself a test of his commitment. He intended to serve for two years doing missionary work. But by doing so, he lost full scholarships to play for Utah State and Boise State. But Weber State did not withdraw its scholarship offer, and the rest was history.

Williams’ entire college football career is almost a textbook example of how the DAWGWORK mindset works. Just check out this quote from Jonah Williams as quoted by Colton Clark of the Lewiston Tribune:

"“You get gassed playing selfishly,” he (Jonah Williams) said. “Doing things for each other is how you establish a dominant defense. It’s always me trying to get pressure so the defensive backs get interceptions and them holding down coverages so we can get sacks. We just play for each other.”"

While not present for the 2020 NFL Scouting Combine, his Pro Day performance would have been among the best of the 2020 Draft Class for his position. And he is tremendously versatile. While he has been exclusively a defensive end for the LA Rams, he has been known to set the edge and drop back into pass coverage as well.

And with the LA Rams 2022 roster shy of outside linebackers so far, that could be something for the toolbox to use this year.

This is Williams’ third NFL season, but that fits his college track as a late bloomer. He entered the Weber State football program at 6-foot-3 and 230-pounds and emerged four years later at 6-foot-5 and 275-pounds. While he is not still putting on inches, he certainly is still shaping and sculpting himself into an ideal NFL powerhouse.

If 2021 was anything, it was Williams dangling his toes in the NFL to test the waters. In the 2022 NFL season, I expect that he will dive in headfirst. Without any new additions, I believe that Williams will deliver this year. How well?  Perhaps a 2.5 quarterback sacks 20 tackles type of rotational performance?

Jonah Williams has never been about the fast lane in his life. Slow and steady, he has been patient and grown into the roles he has filled on the football field. Starting for the LA Rams defensive line is still in the future. For the 2022 NFL season, a solid appearance in a rotational role will do nicely. And there is something about Jonah Williams that tells me that he will deliver.

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