5 FA options for LA Rams to shake things up before the draft

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LA Rams Free Agency Tyrann Mathieu
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Rams Free Agency option I: S Tyrann Mathieu

The LA Rams may not have been surprised by the outstanding production of formerly-retired DB Eric Weddle and backup DB Nick Scott in the playoffs, but I was floored by how well they seemed to synch up and play in four consecutive pressure cookers. Where were those bone-shattering hits all season? Did I imagine it all in some playoff-induced stupor, or did the LA Rams secondary really seem to play that much better with a patchwork secondary?

I think it was that patchwork secondary, to be perfectly honest.

If true, that certainly opens a lot of doors over how the Rams wish to staff their safety roles for 2022. I mean, the best performance of the season came from a guy off the bench and a guy off the streets?  Hmm…

Signing Honey Badger would be a sweet development

I don’t think that would be the case if the LA Rams make an effort to sign safety Tyrann Mathieu to this team. After all, Mathieu has been doing many of the things that the LA Rams would like to do in their defense with the Kansas City Chiefs.  Rams’ defensive coordinator Raheem Morris loves to create turnovers, a skill set that Mathieu has a natural ability to do, having created 13 interceptions in just the last three NFL seasons.

But perhaps most appealing is the incredible versatility that Tyrann Mathieu adds to any defensive. He is capable of filling any defensive secondary slot and playing well in that role. That forces quarterbacks to hesitate, giving the pass rush additional time to close in on their mark.

I believe that is cause enough to inquire as to the interest of safety Tyrann Mathieu over signing with the LA Rams, which has been rumored in multiple reports so far this offseason.

Ultimately, the LA Rams proved in the NFL Playoffs a year ago just what a difference capable play out of the safety position can mean to this defense. I certainly hope that lesson is not lost in the shuffle this year, and that the Rams will do exactly what they did at the inside linebacker.

Add an elite veteran and sit back and watch the fun and opposing offenses are frustrated.

So there you have it. Five NFL veteran free agents, any of them could be signed to a team-friendly contract before the 2022 NFL Draft and would change the landscape of the NFL dramatically. Will the Rams pull the trigger?

After losing both Von Miller and Stephon Gilmore in the NFL Free Agency market already, I wouldn’t be surprised if the team becomes a bit more determined and signs one or two players before the NFL draft.

Stay tuned folks. It’s when you believe that the LA Rams are unable to make a move that they do something so dramatic that it shocks the fans and the entire NFL.

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