Tremayne Anchrum could solve LA Rams OL concerns

Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports
Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports /

When the LA Rams drafted Tremayne Anchrum with the 250th selection of the 2020 NFL Draft, not many NFL Draft analysts or fans were very excited. The 6-foot-2 315-pound cerebral assassin offensive tackle from Clemson University was projected to move inside to offensive guard at the NFL level. But the Rams were set at offensive guard, having traded for OG Austin Corbett in 2019, and assigned offensive lineman David Edwards to the opposite guard role.

So Anchrum sat on the bench in 2020. He sat on the bench for 2021 too.

But in 2022, Tremayne Anchrum could solve several offensive line concerns by competing for, and earning, a starting role at the right guard position for the LA Rams.  So now the obvious question is simple enough – How?

That is a valid question, particularly concerning an offensive lineman who has seen all of three offensive snaps over the past two seasons. So am I just being a bit optimistic?

Tremayne Anchrum is NFL starting quality OL on the Rams Roster

I don’t think so. After all, the LA Rams did not add Clemson’s big offensive lineman Tremayne Anchrum as more than a hood ornament. The guy is one of the most lucid, intelligent, and well-spoken individuals who arrived at the LA Rams with a mindset of doing whatever it takes to get on the football field and just block somebody.

Competing at the NFL level requires opportunity, commitment, and availability.  So far, Tremayne Anchrum has mastered commitment.  As far as the team’s perspective, the Rams envisioned Anchrum as ready to compete a year ago for playing time.  Unfortunately, he injured his ankle after getting rolled up on his ankle during the second preseason game against the Las Vegas Raiders. He was later one of many Rams players who tested positive for COVID-19 and was later cleared and reinstated to the team’s active 53-man roster.

The Rams’ offensive line has been subject to a bit of a blockade, as the team has been resetting the starting five offensive linemen in terms of the previous year’s starters.  The presence of Austin Corbett and David Edwards in starting offensive guard roles had negated any opportunities for Anchrum to play.

Now, Corbett is gone and the LA Rams need a new starter at right guard. While that may fall to Coleman Shelton, it would be a far better scenario if Tremayne Anchrum were to emerge as the starter. Why?

Coleman Shelton’s wheelhouse is at the offensive center

LA Rams offensive center Brian Allen is an NFL player who gets injured. Genetics, technique, or just bad luck, as a starting offensive center,  he has missed 28 percent of his games (nine of 32) due to injury. Unfortunately, he played ‘hurt’ in three games, and the Rams lost all three. It was not until the Rams inserted backup center Coleman Shelton that the play at center returned and the Rams got back on track to winning.

The LA Rams are the defending Super Bowl Champions, but their rushing offense was a bit disappointing last season. The presence of Joseph Noteboom at left tackle should help the Rams running game. Tremayne Anchrum, who is himself a powerful road-grader type, would be a huge plus to the running game. And if the Rams could somehow get Coleman Shelton at the center spot, the Rams rushing offense would show an almost immediate uptick in play.

Anchrum at right guard allows the Rams to keep Shelton as the backup for the center. In fact, the backup for the offensive line, in that case, would look like this:
Alaric Jackson – left tackle, Jeremiah Kolone – left guard, Coleman Shelton – center, Bobby Evans – right guard, Chandler Brewer – right tackle.

The LA Rams have witnessed the ability of Joseph Noteboom and Brian Allen to step up. This year, I would look for offensive lineman Tremayne Anchrum Jr. to do the same.

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