Skip Bayless claimed ‘Worst fans in America are Los Angeles Rams fans’ before SB LVI

Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports
Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports /
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It was in February 2022, and I was wearing my white tee shirt that had the image of LA Rams GM Les Snead with the now infamous words ‘F- Them Picks’ – a phrase that is both provocative and the battle cry of the LA Rams. But in the two weeks that led up to the LA Rams hosting and competing in Super Bowl LVI, NFL protagonist Skip Bayless launched one of his infamous and quite controversial ‘takes’, accusing the LA Rams fans of being the worst fans in all of the professional sports realm.

I was reading James Ellroy by a hotel pool on Sunset, Hollywood everything, when I first heard it. Skip Bayless thinks the Los Angeles Rams fans are the worst fans in the country. (see video below). And he made those allegations in the week before the LA Rams competed in Super Bowl LVI. Hot team? Check. Hot topic? Check. Horrific take? Check.

Skip Bayless was at it again. Targeting one more Los Angeles team. Trying to provoke once again.

Whoa, now, hang on. Don’t make me spill my drink. Just hold on. Ok. First, I’m not going to bash Bayless here. Primarily because he is such an easy target. Or is it because he just spouts his mouth off.  Besides, I was brought up not to pick on people smaller than me, so there’s that, too. But let’s address some of the things he says, shall we? Don’t we have the right to defend ourselves? We do? Ok. Good. Then, allow me to retort.

Speaking on a pre-Super Bowl episode of his popular ‘The Skip Bayless Show’ podcast, our eponymous host mentions going to see the Rams back in 1975 at the old Coliseum, back when the team was coached by then-head coach Chuck Knox.

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This was a Skip Bayless rant. Posing as a question to Bayless to discuss the fanbase that he believes is the best among professional sports, he launches into a diatribe of reasons to cite the LA Rams fanbase, the hot topic of the NFL at the time, as to why they are the worst fanbase of professional sports. This is the year 2022. Bayless reached back 50 years just to find cause to insult Los Angeles fans in the period leading up to Super Bowl LVI? Yes, that is how Skippy rolls.