This LA Rams-Deebo Samuel trade could actually work

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(Photo by Michael Zagaris/San Francisco 49ers/Getty Images) /
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49ers will not wait around

San Francisco 49ers are preparing for the worst, or the best, er… Let’s just say that the 49ers are preparing to make the necessary moves. With the 2022 NFL Draft on the horizon, the 49ers can adeptly address the need for a versatile WR/RB type who can fill multiple roles in their offense.

In fact, per Mike Garafolo, they have just wrapped up a meeting with a rookie who fits that description to a tee in Tennessee WR Velus Jones Jr.

The 49ers were trying to straddle the fence between building towards the future while remaining a contender. If they are giving serious consideration to trading away one of their most productive offensive weapons, then the matter is already decided for them. There is little chance for the 49ers to remain in contention without WR Deebo Samuel.

But does that even matter now?  If Deebo Samuel is so irate with the team that he has stopped negotiating with them for a new contract and is insisting upon a trade, doesn’t the player already have one foot out the door? NFL teams, however, the roster is assembled, are still fundamentally based upon the all-for-one-and-one-for-all adage, right? But that is not what is happening here. Right or wrong, Deebo Samuel no longer wants to serve the 49ers in the role they have set up for him.

He wants to be a receiver alone. And he is adamant about that, from outside appearances.