This LA Rams-Deebo Samuel trade could actually work

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Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer

Right now, the 49ers have nine draft picks in the 2022 NFL Draft, but their first selection comes at the 61st pick of the draft. The LA Rams have no first-round pick to offer for Deebo Samuel in 2022 nor in 2023. So what could the LA Rams offer?

That’s a good question, and I suppose it will all depend upon what the 49ers want in compensation, what the LA Rams are willing to ship off to a heated rival, and whether or not any other teams are going completely bonkers over the concept of acquiring a player like Deebo Samuel for their roster.

Even as we attempt to appraise the value of a rival player, we know that the emotions of any trade package we suggest will be deemed paltry by 49ers fans, and perhaps too generous by Rams fans. Be that as it may, there are other factors at work here.  Production. Durability, Maturity. Energy. Fit.

In terms of production, Deebo Samuel had one helluva season in 2021. But it was one great season, topping off two meh seasons. Some will argue that the true Deebo Samuel value should focus on 2021 only. But 2019 and 2020 must weigh into the offer as well. Some argue that the 49ers are looking for, and should get, a Tyreek Hill type of package? No. Hill played six NFL seasons and averaged 1100 yards and 9.3 TDs per season. Samuel has played three NFL seasons and averaged 866 yards and 3.3 TDs per season.

Durability is a huge factor here. Of 49 possible games, Samuel did not suit up for 11. That’s 22 percent of the games where he has not played. Maturity? There are plenty of flags for that characteristic all over his career. Energy? Yes, he brings it on game day 100 percent. Finally, fit. I believe that he could help the LA Rams offense, yes. He does not fill a vital need in this offense. But his maturity has been incredibly short-sighted, as was his social media feud with All-Pro defensive lineman Aaron Donald.

So what does that look like in a trade format? Something like this.

Conditions for the additional pick could include playing time, post-season appearance, or simply regular-season production.

Must the LA Rams make this deal? No. Will they? Hey, crazier things have happened in the past. The Rams clearly have plenty of needs to address on their own roster, and I’m not even sure that the availability of Deebo Samuel rises high enough on their radar scope to warrant a discussion.

In my mind, I’ve put the LA Rams’ final and best offer for Samuel on the table, and even now I’m not sure that the Rams would go that high. I believe that other teams will though, so, in the end, this could simply be a moot point after all.

The trade proposal could actually work, as long as the Rams and the 49ers want it to. But fundamentally, the issue is do the LA Rams want Deebo Samuel in their locker room? That is something we just don’t know at this point.

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