Fueled by Faith: LA Rams DB Jalen Ramsey believes in God and himself

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Thank you, Jalen Ramsey. The LA Rams defense has had a lot of changes. But from the moment of his arrival, one thing has been certain. The Rams’ secondary would put up a fight. So far? the LA Rams have put up a 27-14 regular-season record when Ramsey takes the field. In postseason? The LA Rams are 5-1 and are 1-0 in the Super Bowl.

What is it that motivates professional football players? I mean, the LA Rams have just reached the summit of achievement in the NFL, winning the NFL Championship. Even as so many players, coaches, and executives pledged to Run-It-Back throughout the victory parade and events after their rousing success, the LA Rams organization now must learn to embrace and work through the same fate as other teams who have reached their own summit.

Some stay. Some move on to other teams. Some start a new chapter of their life. Across the ever-changing landscape in the lives of those professional athletes who continue to perform among the uppermost tier of their profession, there must be some landmark, some point of reference that continues to push those persons to and beyond the breaking point, right?

For example, the NFL cornerback profession is one of the most volatile positions of any professional athlete. Perhaps comparable positions are NHL goalies, MLB pitchers, and NBA defensive centers. In all four instances, the goal is to stop the best athletes of the opponent from scoring. Unlike many ‘units’, the cornerback is often on his own island a constant contest of him against the opposing quarterback and receiver. But somehow, Jalen Ramsey has managed to remain on that island, as retired cornerback Darrell Revis did before him, and make it a fearful place for opponents to visit.

Jalen Ramsey thrives on the NFL high wire

There is a high wire that all professional athletes must walk at some point in their careers. That fine line that exists for all NFL players, the straight and narrow path that lies between doing what is right for the team, regardless of the ask or the circumstances, and doing what is right for oneself, regardless of the cost or the repercussions to the team, the city, or the fans.  While the management of an NFL team can make it easier or more difficult to find that path, the road is one that each player must walk.

For NFL fans, we are depending on the news of players that trickles out over the course of a season, and their careers. And for private players, those who are not at ease with cameras in their faces 24 hours a day like the Kardashians, that news is oftentimes entirely dependent upon what the media determines to be newsworthy.

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I’d like to remove that restriction for one moment. Rather than put one more trade speculation article into the pile of NFL news, I’d like to take a moment to appreciate one of the players who has truly made the LA Rams so very successful.  And to recognize that we may be asking more of cornerback Jalen Ramsey in 2022 than we have asked of him before.