Fueled by Faith: LA Rams DB Jalen Ramsey believes in God and himself

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The Trade, and the aftermath

While we love to read those articles that reinforce our beliefs and opinions, the most well-informed experts on a particular topic have learned through trial and error to sample a wide range of perspectives to understand an issue more accurately.

That was especially true for the reports that had been assembled and shared by the Jacksonville Jaguars about the brooding, self-motivated, me-not-we persona who was one of the best defensive backs in the NFL – namely Jalen Ramsey.  But the trade that sent Ramsey to the Rams was actually a two-part trade, the first involving sending CB Marcus Peters to the Baltimore Ravens. So it all looked like this in the end:

Of course, getting All-Pro DB Jalen Ramsey mid-season in 2019 did not enable the LA Rams to recover from the massive number of injuries that afflicted the team, nor to aid the team in recovering from a mid-season slump to mean a playoff berth.

The true value of acquiring Jalen Ramsey was not intended to be a bandaid to the team’s 2019 season. Rather, the LA Rams began the quest to add young game-changers to the roster, and Ramsey was one of those now-or-never unique opportunities that compelled the Rams to act.

The true value of Jalen Ramsey on the LA Rams defense has been felt in the fact that the Rams have had success with three different defensive coordinators over the past three seasons. While many have just glossed over that fact, the intricate details involved in running three different defensive schemes over three consecutive years are far more complex and challenging than any of us have given credit for.  Through it all, Ramsey has been the cornerstone of the Rams’ secondary.

He helped to forge the best NFL defense in the 2020 season. Then, after losing 50 percent of the starting secondary, the Rams’ defense improved to help win Super Bowl LVI.