Fueled by Faith: LA Rams DB Jalen Ramsey believes in God and himself

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Jalen Ramsey: The best of the best

Throughout years of that struggle to face the best receivers of the best teams on each play, LA Rams Jalen Ramsey has emerged the victor. In fact, Ramsey’s play is so good, that he has been viewed as the top cornerback in the NFL on multiple occasions.

That ability to shine in the NFL, regardless of team, teammates, or defensive scheme is not easily replicated. But we have become so dreadfully accustomed to his elite standard of play that the discussion that arises about him on social media is not about the countless plays that he has succeeded in.

Stats can and do lie sometimes. And it’s that misinformation that is problematic in the assessment of player performance. If you didn’t watch the game, you would conclude that Jalen Ramsey had one of the worst games of his career.

But if you did watch the game, you can subjectively correct the raw statistics. After all, if wide receivers are suddenly allowed to grab a defensive back’s facemask while the football is in the air and throw the defender to the ground without fear of offensive pass interference or face masking penalties being called, then the entire strategy of defending passes has become nearly impossible.

Thankfully, we can assess the cause behind that 75-yard touchdown anomaly. As a result, we should all be all the more encouraged that the LA Rams defense for 2022 will be just as reliable. Jalen Ramsey is still on that wall and still vigilant.