These LA Rams really do have a chance at repeating…

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A moment to focus on focus

The 2021 NFL season truly tested the LA Rams’ entire organization at discovering whether everyone has the ability to reach the pinnacle of their sport. Now that everyone has done so, a new test is rising to challenge this organization. Can everyone stay focused enough to do it again?

Early indications are, yes. Yes, they can. Just check out this from the now veteran offensive lineman of this team, right tackle Rob Havenstein. He now sets the bar for the rest of his unit. For the 2022 NFL season, the offensive line will be critical in determining just how far this team can go. So how does he see this new season?

That is a solid takeaway from the lead dog on the offensive line so far. An offensive line that likes to hang out will have one another’s back. But is it real? Or are they just reciting a prewritten press statement? Let’s check in on a group of LA Rams players at a recent LA Kings hockey game?

That seemed to be more than a press release. So this offensive line group likes to work together, and socialize together? That’s a bit refreshing. Still, what about the guy who just won the starting role at hiking the football late in training camp a year ago, Brian Allen? Does he love the work? How about the guy who snaps the football?

Okay, sound like he is on board too. This is all very positive news so far. This is not just a few handpicked buddies by a retired-not-retired veteran quarterback. This is the backbone of the LA Rams offense, the line of scrimmage guys who subject themselves to incredible physicality on each snap in the quest to open running lanes and protect the quarterback. Speaking of quarterbacks, how is he handling success so far?