These LA Rams really do have a chance at repeating…

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LA Rams News Matthew Stafford
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Can Rams QB Matthew Stafford stay stoic?

The difference in 2021 was the way this team managed to overcome adversity that seemed to strike each season. From losing streaks to injuries to COVID-19 outbreaks, the LA Rams certainly had a full palette of adversity. And the team managed to overcome the entire lot.

But the real challenge was that which their quarterback, Matthew Stafford, had to overcome in his first season in a new offense with a new team. After all, isn’t he the guy who everyone said couldn’t win the Big Game? Now that he’s here, and has proven all of his biggest critics to be full of bull manure, can he sustain that blue-collar mindset of rolling up his sleeves and getting back to business as usual?

So what about their starting quarterback Matthew Stafford? He’s at voluntary OTAs, and he’s already looking for ways to lead the LA Rams into another successful season. After all, now that he has gone from the bitter meals of frustration in the past to the sweet-tasting success in just one season, it’s pretty clear that Stafford is not going to surrender that success without a fight.

The LA Rams deviated from their roster-building strategy in 2021. Thanks to injury and COVID-19 induced necessity, the Rams found that bringing in veterans could be beneficial to the locker room as well as the football field. The Rams have already added two very talented veterans in free agency and could sign more after the 2022 NFL Draft concludes.

Hunger. Desire. Passion to compete. Eye of the Tiger. However you name it, the LA Rams appear to still possess it.  That is one of the more incredible qualities of this team. After surviving rumors of retirement by both the head coach Sean McVay and their All-Pro defensive lineman Aaron Donald, the team’s roster appears to be relatively intact and just as eager for success as a year ago.

These LA Rams really do have a chance at repeating…

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