How many more SB wins does LA Rams HC Sean McVay have in him?

Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports
Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports /

They say that the first time doing something is the most difficult. So now that LA Rams head coach Sean McVay has broken the barrier of winning his first Super Bowl, will more be on the way? That’s certainly a subject for a lengthier conversation than we wish to commit to right now. Still, the question is definitely intriguing enough to toss out there and see what sticks to it in this first blush.

It’s hard to acknowledge the fact that the LA Rams had hired head coach Sean McVay just five years ago. Perhaps it’s the rapid turnover of his coordinator and coaches? Perhaps it’s the fact that the LA Rams are 55-26 in the regular season, and 7-3 in the postseason, over that time frame? Or perhaps it’s the fact that he just won a Super Bowl.

Whatever the reason, it’s simply not easy to remember a time when the Rams were not contenders, were not aggressively seeking ways to improve the roster, and were not mentioned in the conversation over the next NFL Playoffs.

Risks exist too

While it’s always been extremely difficult to repeat as Super Bowl Champions the following season, have we touched base about the other outcome? What about the fate of head coaches like Bruce Arians or Doug Pederson? Both of the NFC victors of the past five years now have new head coaches. The Philadelphia Eagles’ new head coach is Nick Sirianni, while the Tampa Bay Buccaneers are now headed by Todd Bowles.

While that won’t be happening anytime soon for the LA Rams, it’s out there too.  So what must the Rams be aware of, and how can they prevent that downturn from happening?

Perhaps one of the keys is to keep veteran quarterback Matthew Stafford paired up with McVay’s offense. Even in their maiden voyage together, it was obvious that they operate on the same offensive frequencies. And with more time to familiarize himself with the system and his teammates, Stafford’s production and efficiency have every reason to top his 2021 performance.

How many more wins does McVay have in him? While I don’t have a definitive answer to that question, I can say that it will likely depend on how many more years the LA Rams will pair up McVay with Stafford.

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