How many selections will LA Rams make in 2022 NFL Draft?

Mandatory Credit: Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports
Mandatory Credit: Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports /

The LA Rams enter the 2022 NFL Draft with eight picks, not one among the Top-100 selections of the draft. But if you view draft picks like scratch-em lottery tickets, then the task is not holding move valuable tickets, but rather holding more tickets. If we focus on draft picks held by the LA Rams in that light, then the team is not at any sort of disadvantage from a higher-altitude perspective. At least, not from the start.

But even eight draft picks will just scratch the surface for the Rams. Since the team has 24 open roster spots, the Rams are currently looking at 16 players to be signing contracts after the 2022 NFL Draft. That just seems like a significantly high number of rookie free agents to join the roster of the defending NFL Champions, doesn’t it?

Here’s what I mean. If I am an NFL veteran player, and I have options over which team I can sign with, is that decision always entirely about the money? Are players not concerned with the way a team could benefit or hurt their overall career? Are they blind to those factors that make playing for a team fun or work?

I’m not saying that the line to sign with the Rams should extend for miles. But I will say that I do not expect the LA Rams to sign more than 14 UDFAs to this roster after the draft. If there are no veterans willing to sign, that means that the Rams will likely make up the difference by finding ways to trade back and gather more draft picks in this draft.

Historically, the Rams have averaged selecting nine times during the past five drafts, and with eight picks, the Rams would likely need to trade back twice to increase that number to the ten picks.

Of course, it depends upon their trading partner, and whether or not the LA Rams sit at a spot where a team covets a player who is on the board.  But this draft has little consensus, so look for a lot of exchanges.

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