Do The LA Rams really hate the annual NFL Draft?

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LA Rams Draft Les Snead
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It is now mere hours before the 2022 NFL Draft, and the LA Rams have one final opportunity to reload their roster to defend their NFL Championship title.  But even as the Rams make their final preparations, I cannot picture the laid-back LA way to the draft. Rather, I find myself thrown into the world of the movie Draft Day… a fictitious scenario where GM Kevin Costner trades away three first-round picks, and then turns around and recoups all of those picks on Draft Day.

Dramatic? Sure. Realistic? No way. But it impressed that vision of how the NFL Draft works behind the scenes. How the smoke, sweat, and strong coffee combine to keep everyone in the room perched on the edge of their seats for hours at a time.

A room that is full of people sweating, all desperate to hit the big one. People who will spend all day and night here hoping for a winner, knowing all along most will lose. Yet everyone still believes tonight will be their night. When the sun finally comes up to a new morning, the day will be laced with regret and bitter recrimination. Some will not be able to return so easily to their old lives. Here is the end of the line for those who fail to get it right.

But enough about Las Vegas. NFL draft week is here, and the stakes are even higher. There are much bigger dice to roll. When the sun comes up over the desert on a new day what will be left? Not a lot, probably. Lucky for us, then, that the NFL champion LA Rams don’t care about draft picks. Right??

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Well, let’s explore that claim a little, shall we?