Do The LA Rams really hate the annual NFL Draft?

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LA Rams Draft
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Picking up my story about the LA Rams draft picks

I was still wearing my white tee-shirt that has the iconic image of LA Rams GM Les Snead and the infamous ‘F- Them Picks’ logo that he has never uttered but will be forever linked to. I wear it with regularity now, thanks to the upcoming NFL Draft schedule for later this week.  On this occasion, wandering with no particular destination along the Las Vegas Strip when a guy stopped me to compliment my attire.

Cool meme,” he said, pointing to the picture on my chest of the Rams’ General Manager, Les Snead. Then he looked quizzically at me. Well, actually he frowned and said,
Why are you even here? Shouldn’t you guys be taking in the Grand Canyon or visiting a magic show or something?

Oh, dear, I said to the man who was clearly in a mood to converse. And so, I began to chat with the guy. It just so happens that he was an LA Rams fan as well. But a casual fan. Not following the team much more than scores, some players’ names, and the knowledge that the Rams were a bit of a big deal right now thanks to winning the latest Super Bowl, Super Bowl LVI to be exact.

And they won the game at SoFi Stadium.

But even though he was a fan, he was under the impression that the LA Rams bought their roster. That the team had no time to coach up or retain valuable young players. In his mind, the Rams organization was like the modern society built upon disposable everything, use it up, exhaust it, then throw it away. Since I believe that I am a bit more versed than that, I shared what I know about the LA Rams with the man. And in doing so, I realized that I had my next topic for an article.

So let me share some of the information I shared in that conversation: