Do The LA Rams really hate the annual NFL Draft?

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LA Rams Draft Gandalf
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Les Snead: GM crazy or Gandalf the White Wizard?

And what about the architect, the man whose face is on the t-shirt, rebel GM Les Snead? What does he have to say about it all?  Some claim that the veteran LA Rams general manager is just batshit crazy. That he has been at it so long, that the typical standard process has become too boring.

But others see a different side to the man behind the LA Rams curtain. It began when the LA Rams fanbase, in deep dark despair over losing All-Pro veteran OLB Von Miller, were a bit despondent for a team that had just one the most recent Super Bowl. And yet, like Gandalf, The White Wizard did for King Theoden at the Battle for Helm’s Deep, Les Snead snatched victory and hope out of the jaws of defeat.

Snead’s latest mini-miracle was signing ILB Bobby Wagner to the LA Rams roster, a move that truly has changed the outlook for the LA Rams defense. To some, it was a matter of salvaging the hope of a fanbase that has waited so very long to enjoy this post-SB victory afterglow.

But for Snead? This is just business as usual. He has a knack for emergency roster repairs. It was Les Snead who signed Coleman Shelton off the Arizona Cardinals practice squad and traded for Austin Corbett with the Cleveland Browns in 2019. It was Les Snead who navigated three trades to bring vital veterans to the LA Rams in 2021: QB Matthew Stafford, RB Sony Michel, and OLB Von Miller.

It’s just what Snead does. So his latest rabbits out of hats maneuver to add ILB Bobby Wagner to this team is somewhat old hat for the Rams GM.  But while a frequently traveled route, it is still amazing with each new journey.