4 veteran NFL FAs on LA Rams speed dial to sign after draft

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The LA Rams are entering the 2022 NFL draft with 24 openings on their roster, and just eight draft picks. But it’s not just selecting players with draft picks that will build the roster, even this time of year. The LA Rams will be signing plenty of free agents after the draft.

While many of those post-draft roster additions will include signing undrafted free agent rookies who simply did not hear their name called out in the NFL Draft, the Rams’ front office has the option to sign a number of players who are veterans of the NFL. For various reasons, the Rams will wait until after the draft to make roster moves.

For starters, the team is not so naive as to ignore the opportunity to improve the roster through the draft. But the NFL Draft is incredibly impartial and random. It’s not like a mail-order service that will deliver the desired players or even talented players at the desired position.

With the LA Rams choosing no earlier than the waning moment of Round 3 on Day 3, the Rams cannot guarantee who or which position may present value when the team steps up to the podium for their first selection at 104, if they use that pick to select their first rookie.

That doesn’t mean that the LA Rams are helpless to the whims of the NFL Draft Board. For any number of reasons, the Rams have the potential to put their roster in excellent shape for the 2022 NFL season with just a few calls. No, not trades with other teams. Simply calls to agents of players, many of whom the Rams are already quite familiar with, to restore the needed roster depth to begin training camp.

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Now, it won’t cure all of the team’s ills, nor will these moves thicken all of the shallow roster positions. But it will place both the offense and defense in very good shape, and afford the LA Rams the option to truly add the most talented player available to the roster. So which players are they? Oh yes, let’s discuss those four veterans who should be on the Rams’ speed dial to call up as soon as the draft ends.