LA Rams ground game appears to be under construction

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If you think that we have been discussing RBs a bit more often than usual, you are correct. We have been, partly because it is a position of the offense where the LA Rams have been reportedly meeting with prospects. But beyond that, it’s an area of offense that certainly was hammered hard by repeated injuries.

The LA Rams have six running backs under contract right now for the 2022 NFL season, and that’s probably more than they will keep between the active roster and the 14-man practice squad. But there is a growing sense that six running backs, none who are unchallenged by question marks, recent injuries, and a lack of true NFL experience, will be quite enough for the team.

The Rams offense has hired a new Running Backs coach in Ra’Shaad Samples, a coach who has plenty of collegiate coaching experience, but who is making his debut among the ranks of NFL coaches.  And it’s that new set of eyes on such a critical position for this LA Rams offense that is both intriguing and provocative.

While there is plenty to like about the new LA Rams RB Coach Ra’Shaad Samples, let’s point out one very intriguing fact. He was the RB coach who had Xavier Jones leading the NCAA in scoring in 2019.

LA Rams 2021 RB Round-Up

  • Name                                  Ht                  Wt                   Rush  Yards     TDs
  1. Cam Akers                      5-foot-10   217-pounds      72       175         0
  2. Darrell Henderson Jr.   5-foot-8     208-pounds      149     688         5
  3. Xavier Jones                   5-foot-11   208-pounds       Injured Reserve
  4. Jake Funk                        5-foot-10   205-pounds          2           5         0
  5. Raymond Calais            5-foot-8     188-pounds        Injured Reserve
  6. Javian Hawkins              5-foot-9     196-pounds       Practice Squad

So while the number of bodies appears to be quite impressive, the quality of the LA Rams rushing from the 2021 NFL season leaves quite a bit to be desired. Of course, we’ve been down this road before, when the Rams harnessed the 2020 running backs who had little experience and questionable production and produced remarkable results.

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Can the team do so again? That’s clearly the hope, and what the LA Rams plan to do. So how will they go about making it happen?