LA Rams mastery of NFL waiver wire should not be ignored

Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports
Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports /

While the LA Rams prepare for the 2022 NFL Draft with only eight picks and no pick in the Top-100 selections, the NFL Draft is only one source of adding players to the roster. There are the other obvious methods of signing NFL Free Agents or engaging in a bit of NFL commerce and trading for new players.

But in looking over the sources of players for the team’s roster in 2021, we’ve inadvertently omitted one of the primary sources of talented players to the LA Rams roster last year: The NFL Waiver Wire. In fact, the LA Rams claimed six players off the waiver wire from other teams last year.

Perhaps the most famous of players recently claimed by the LA Rams is DB Darious Williams, who was waived from the Baltimore Ravens in October 2018 and claimed by the LA Rams off their waiver wire.  Williams would go on to play 43 games for the Rams and start in 26 of those contests. Finding a starting defensive back from the waiver wire is kind of a big deal.

Rams News: Waiver wire yields contributors

In May 2021, the LA Rams claimed DE John Daka and LS Matt Orzech. In August 2021, the Rams claimed OT Ryan Pope and DB Tyler Hall off the waiver wire. In September 2021, the Rams claimed S Jake Gervase and OLB Jamir Jones off waivers.  LS Matt Orzech, DB Tyler Hall, and S Jake Gervase are still with the team.

From the 2021 season alone, the LA Rams have a 50 percent success rate by using the NFL waiver wire. That is a source of free roster contributors, almost as worthwhile as finding dollar bills lying on the ground.

Perhaps one item to note. The LA Rams were able to augment their roster with two players at outside linebacker from the waiver wire of other teams in 2021. In short, those claims are as good as draft picks for the Rams. The Rams have just as much need at the outside linebacker position this year. Could the NFL waiver wire offer some relief?  I think so.

The Rams may emerge from the NFL Draft and the post-draft signing frenzy with some roster vacancies.  There is always the chance that teams with a solid crop of rookies will waive veterans to make room on their roster.  And the LA Rams have mastered the NFL Waiver Wire in those circumstances.

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