Did the LA Rams really want to pick versatile IOL Cole Strange?

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LA Rams Draft Cole Strange
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Real or Memorex?

Still, it is important to bear in mind the prevalent mood from the podium from which Les Snead and Mcvay were holding court. Both guys were laid back, off duty, shooting from the hip, tongues planted firmly in cheeks. Almost none of the questions were answered seriously. They were both playing it fast and loose, freewheeling, having a good time.

This was not about relaying real-time insight from the LA Rams head coach and general manager. Most pertinently, they had just been asked by a reporter moments before whether they bothered doing due diligence on guys projected to go high in the draft considering they themselves would have had no shot at acquiring them so low in the order.

As if right on cue, the Patriots got their man and Mcvay was authentically dismayed that all of the chaos expected in this draft wasted no time in creating havoc on their draft board.

I don’t believe he was being serious. I don’t believe, either, that NFL aficionados as professional as Mcvay and Snead would tip their hand and reveal that their plans had just been shredded live in front of reporters and T.V cameras, leaving them scrambling for a new selection. The Rams assess an entire draft and have more than a dozen players valued at each earlier pick.  It was just such a good setup that the moment was not lost on the fast-thinking head coach of the LA Rams.

So, the LA Rams were likely never in the market for IOL Cole Strange. Or were they? This could simply be a – Move along, nothing to see here. Or it could be just a harbinger of just how quickly and deeply the seismic shits of this year’s draft will run. Perhaps the fact that Patriots head coach Bill Belichick clearly sees something in his new guard that others apparently don’t is the only thing of note.

Truly, then, a strange, strange night. And just the first round of this strange strange draft. Stay tuned!

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