NFL Draft 2022: Predictions for LA Rams third-round Pick at 104

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The LA Rams have one shot, one late pick scheduled on Day 2 of the 2022 NFL Draft. While it is just one of eight picks, it is important for the team. Not only is it their first selection of the draft, but it carries the weight of setting the tone for all of the other picks. Will the Rams go wide receiver and risk another prospect who simply cannot find a way onto the football field?

I simply do not believe that the Rams front office has the same draft scorecard like the one used to assess the 2021 NFL Draft rookie class. So I will admit here and now that if the Rams draft a small but incredibly fast wide receiver with their first selection, I will be dumbfounded.

But before I go about laying out the gauntlet of what is and is not an acceptable move by the LA Rams with the 104th of the 2022 NFL Draft, let’s not lightly gloss over the fact that this pick is the first impression that the team will make on the fans about their intentions with the final 24 additions to the roster. In other words:

And just like that, a rookie who could very likely find a very difficult time finding their way into the LA Rams rotation is suddenly so very important.

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Pick 104 predictions

Trade back?: There could be either extreme that gives the Rams reason to trade back. Either the board is loaded and the Rams can trade back, without risking a chance to get a player they want. Or the LA Rams could be without a targetted player, and simply wish to regroup later in the draft with more picks. So who might the LA Rams choose at pick 104?

I have gathered a number of targets who could make sense for the Rams at that pick.

Interior offensive lineman: UCLA IOL Sean Rhyan

Offensive tackle: Minnesota OT Daniel Faalele

Defensive back: Mississippi State CB Martin Emerson

Edge rusher: San Diego State Edge Cameron Thomas

Punter: San Diego State P Matt Araiza or Penn State P Jordan Stout

Okay. Day 2 Round 2 is already well underway. Let’s get drafting, #Ramily.

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