LA Rams 2022 Live Tracker: 17 UDFA signings to round out roster

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(Photo by John McCoy/Getty Images) /

The LA Rams have just ended the 2022 NFL Draft. The Rams made a number of picks on Day 3 and we are frantically working to fill your smartphones, notepads, laptops, and desktop computers with an entire array of introducing the new rookies who have been added, what they mean to the team, and who the front office chose to leave on the draft board.

As exhausted and frantic as we are in that effort, the Rams’ scouting department are not done just yet.  As soon as the draft ends in the afternoon hours of Saturday, April 30, 2022, they will be working the phones and knocking on doors.  You see, the LA Rams must secure the remaining roster spots to round out the 90-man roster (plus one for IPP player Maxwell Pircher. Starting at 67 contracted players, the Rams have added eight rookies throughout the draft PLUS traded for the veteran CB Troy Hill. Now, the race is on to fill the roster by signing 15 undrafted players to contracts.

The team is still very much on the hunt. The Rams still have plenty of room for cornerbacks, offensive linemen, special teamers, outside linebackers, and perhaps even a camp arm at the quarterback position.

Talented players remain unsigned

Of course, there are plenty of solid players remaining, and with the type of off-season we are having, perhaps there are some off-the-radar players who will become important components to the Rams’ winning ways in the near future. Don’t forget that Alaric Jackson was signed after the 2021 NFL Draft, and he became a starter against the Minnesota Vikings at left tackle.

Now, this is where the real work will take place. Even as the team fans out and gets on the phone to get commitments with undrafted rookies, the LA Rams have a number of veteran free agents who have been linked to the LA Rams.  Will the Rams have news to share in the next 48 hours over signing a veteran free agent Tyrann Mathieu to their secondary? Will the team have news about bringing back WR Odell Beckham Jr.?

We will be updating our list as information becomes available.

So now is the slow and painful waiting game. Who will the Rams pick up after the 2022 NFL Draft? Will they be at positions of need, or will the Rams continue to flirt with positions that appear to be just fine on paper? It’s all a waiting game now.

UPDATED: Date: May 7, 2022 Time:  7:00 am PT

Okay. so who have the LA Rams signed? None yet, but stay tuned. We will update you as soon as we can confirm signings.

Signed: 17 Open Roster Slots: 0  Exempt slot:1 Waived Players: 2 (report to follow)

  • Posn          Name                                 School
  1. CB           Caesar Williams *             Wisconsin                   Link
  2. DB           Daniel Isom                       Washington State     Link
  3. LB           Jake Hummel                     Iowa State                  Link
  4. OG          Jack Snyder                         San Jose State           Link
  5. DB           T.J. Carter *                         TCU                               Link
  6. OLB        Braydon Thomas              North Dakota St        Link
  7. PK          Cameron Dicker                 Texas                             Link
  8. FB/TE    Roger Carter                      Georgia St                    Link
  9. Edge      Keir Thomas                       Florida St                      Link
  10. S             Jairon McVea                      Baylor                            Link
  11. DT          Elijah Garcia                        Rice                                Link
  12. OLB      Andrzej Hughes-Murray  Oregon State               Link
  13. CB         Duron Lowe                        Liberty                            Link
  14. OLB      Benton Whitley                 Holy Cross                     Link
  15. TE          Jamal Pettigrew                Liberty                             Link
  16. DT          Dion Novil                           North Texas                   Link
  17. WR        Lance McCutcheon           Montana  St                  Link

Look for more in-depth analysis of the LA Rams UDFA signings in the days ahead. And UDFA signings are tentative, as the prospects or teams will have a chance to change their mind as they meet for team physicals and the thrill of the moment sinks in.

But this appears to be the last group of roster additions to the LA Rams roster. What do you think?

Look for a far more in-depth look at these players in the days ahead.