LA Rams draft Logan Bruss: 2 prospects left on the board at 104

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LA Rams Draft Coby Bryant
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Left on the board 2: CB Coby Bryant, Cincinnati

While Sauce Gardner, who went fourth overall to the New York Jets, generated a lot of attention and hype on the Bearcats’ defense, Coby Bryant played very well on the other side and was a key piece of the Bearcats’ run into the playoff this past season.

Bryant is smaller and much more versatile than Gardner, who will have to be primarily a zone cornerback at the next level. He’s better suited in man but plays solid press and zone coverage when he was asked to. He spent most of his college career guarding the opposition’s second receiver, which can cause concern with NFL teams, especially considering the lack of competition that he faced.

But guess what his assignment will be for the LA Rams secondary if he were selected and earns a starting role? That’s right, guarding the opposition’s second receiver.

Some of my scouting notes on Bryant showcase why he wasn’t taken earlier in the NFL Draft:

"Tends to be too aggressive to be an effective tackler. Doesn’t exactly wrap up, but can get the job done. Would like to see him control the tackle better. Decent press ability. Could be better with his hand placement and how much force he puts into his jam technique, will try to force physicality at times when the receiver is out of his reach."

Overall, his flexibility and capacity to play a variety of roles well would have made Bryant a good fit in the LA Rams secondary. However, this is a deep class and there is little doubt that the Rams will be able to make a move and secure another player later on in the class that makes a lot of sense and can contribute in the near future.

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