NFL Draft 2022: LA Rams results through Round 3

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Rams status after Round 3

There was little chance for the LA Rams to do more than add one prospect who can compete for a starting roster spot in the LA Rams depth chart. With the exodus of right guard Austin Corbett, the arrival of Wisconsin’s Logan Bruss is an immediate option to slide in as the starting right guard. He won’t be anointed in that role. But with open competition, he has a solid chance to win playing time outright.

Logan Bruss has a lot of similarities with exiting offensive lineman Austin Corbett with two exceptions. He is a bit more mobile, an offensive lineman who is more than happy to rush downfield and a running back by knocking down linebackers and defensive backs who attempt to stop the rusher.

The second difference is that Bruss is a bit of a snarler. He is a clean player, but he plays with a bit of a snarl and pissed-off tone that helps him win tough battles at the line of scrimmage. Let’s face it. He just loves to knock a defender on their arses. And after the LA Rams struggled to get the running game going in 2021, that bit of attitude adjustment could be a breath of fresh air. In fact, I believe that it will be.

Bruss is more than just a mass of moving muscle that seeks defenders out like a heat-seeking missile. He is an industrial engineering major, a math-centric discipline in college that requires a highly-refined scholastic aptitude. Bruss is a smart young man. But one who gets awfully intimidating when the pads go on.

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The Rams needed a solid offensive lineman and with their first selection in the 2022 NFL Draft, have added a very impressive offensive lineman to the roster. But what of the other needs on this team? Defense is a concern.