LA Rams draft rounds out roster needs in Round 7

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LA Rams Draft AJ Arcuri
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Pick 261

The LA Rams love to grab an offensive lineman late in the draft, and former Michigan State Spartans offensive tackle  A.J. Arcuri is just one more in a rather lengthy line of talented offensive linemen who was scooped up by the LA Rams personnel office long after the draft class had been thoroughly picked over by the other 31 NFL teams.

In Round 7 of any NFL Draft, the Rams have emphasized getting the right height, weight, power, and mindset in their roster additions, and AJ Arcuri certainly looks every bit of the part of an NFL offensive lineman.

Like any offensive lineman at this late stage of the draft, the guy has all of the genetics, and the selection by the Rams is a pretty good indication that he has the right work ethic, mentality, and mindset. All that is missing is the refinement of his technique, which the LA Rams, by virtue of years of success at doing so, have every confidence in the world that they can achieve with patience, practice, and performance feedback.

Do offensive linemen need to be fast up and down the field? I suppose that there are some uses for that. More appropriate, I think is the burst and sudden impact and agility necessary to shoot out of the blocks. Against the better edge rushers, Arcuri either hesitates or telegraphs his intentions, giving the defender a clear advantage.

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He is nowhere near the finished product. But he is no less of an NFL offensive lineman than AJ Jackson who was signed after the draft just one year ago. Jackson, you may recall, held his own admirably against an incredible pass rush of the Minnesota Vikings in 2021. With the same patience, A.J. Arcuri could impress in the same fashion.

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