LA Rams: DeAndre Hopkins headlines a litany of NFC West woes

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Who will oppose the LA Rams for the NFC West Title in 2022? Well, if this were a game of king of the hill? The other three teams just tumbled to the bottom. Well, not literally mind you. But compared to where the LA Rams rivals stood at this point in time just one year ago, or for each of the past five seasons? The other three teams appear to be soaked in uncertainty.

Yes, the NFC West appears to be in a bit of regression right now. The Seattle Seahawks, regardless of how they spin this year’s offseason efforts, traded away veteran quarterback Russell Wilson and are in full-fledged rebuild mode. (Don’t deny it, Seahawks fans).

Now don’t misunderstand me. The Seahawks are probably taking a path this year that they should have taken a year ago. The only problem? They have veteran HC Pete Carroll leading the reconstruction of the roster. I think he has been quite successful in the past. But he is the oldest head coach in the NFL. I would think that a rebuild should require a head coach who is young enough to see it all the way through.

Curiously, after trading away veteran QB Russell Wilson, the Seahawks suddenly turn their draft attention toward the offensive line. The irony of it all? Seattle used the draft picks obtained from the Denver Broncos in the trade of Wilson to draft a highly regarded offensive tackle.

While this may or may not prove to be an event that turns the Seahawks in a positive direction, it certainly will result in a bit of a setback for the immediate future. Will the Seahawks find any more success with QB Drew Lock than the Denver Broncos did?

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Well, they appear to have bet the house building a very young offense around him. So now it’s sitting back and waiting for the Seahawks’ offensive line to gel. The very thing Wilson wanted, the Seahawks do in his wake.

Isn’t it ironic, doncha think?