LA Rams: DeAndre Hopkins headlines a litany of NFC West woes

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Does Deebo do Dallas?

Speaking of trades, 49ers WR Deebo Samuel demanded to be traded. But it was one of those situations where if it was going to happen, it would have happened before the draft. Now? That window has likely closed because teams that were rumored to be in the market for WR are not busy welcoming rookie wide receivers to the team.

The 49ers simply do not want to trade Deebo Samuel. Deebo Samuel does not want to play for the San Francisco 49ers. He wants an exclusive receiver role. He also wants a new contract and a significant amount of money. While many teams would shrink from such overwhelming odds, the Dallas Cowboys are not one of those teams.

The Dallas Cowboys, well team owner Jerry Jones, loves splashy headliner type of players. Outspoken and very controversial wide receivers have been the Cowboys’ schtick since the days of push-off specialist Michael Irvin to Dez Bryant. It’s that history that would

Keep an eye on the Deebo Samuel situation, and keep an eye on the rhetoric used by the Dallas Cowboys. The Cowboys are rather limited in any discussions about Samuel because he is contracted by another team and there are NFL rules prohibiting tampering. But if any NFL would be interested in navigating all of the perils of trading for and dealing with WRDeebo Samuel, it would be the Dallas Cowboys.

We’re down to the final NFC West rival, but don’t worry, the Arizona Cardinals are up to their eyeballs in their share of controversy.