LA Rams offer apparently not sweet enough to attract Honey Badger

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Rams find solid prospects late in the draft? It’s true

Pick 212: CB Derion Kendrick

Former Georgia Bulldog CB Derion Kendrick is perhaps a sleeper in this draft class for the LA Rams. He is another zone-specialist cornerback, a 6-foot-0 190-pound performer who has played at both Clemson and Georgia and as a result faced some of the best receivers in the NCAA. Why do I think he is a sleeper? Well, for starters, his draft projection was anywhere from Round 2 to Round 5. The LA Rams grabbed him late in Round 6.

Unlike the last chapter of Troy Hill’s time with the Rams, the team had no one on the roster to do what Troy Hill did. Kendrick has Troy Hill-padawan written all over him, even down to the ability to flourish in zone coverage. Are the LA Rams getting smarter at this?  I love this pick too. Kendrick appears to be a keeper.

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Now down to our fourth and final secondary draft selection

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Pick 253: S Russ Yeast

In the seventh round of the draft, the LA Rams have admitted that they are looking either for a special teams contributor who they hope will develop into a role for the offense or defense or a player with unique skillsets that they feel will complement the roster and fill a role on the team. So what could the LA Rams have seen in new safety Russ Yeast?

For starters, Russ Yeast is another legacy prospect, the son of former NFL wide receiver, Craig Yeast. As such, he is a 5-foot-10 192-pound rookie who could hit the ground running. While he did not stand out much in four years playing defense at Louisville, he certainly blipped at Kansas State, where he put up four interceptions in just 13 games.

Yeast was a former wide receiver turned DB in college. He has the moniker of slow, but his 40 time is a healthy 4.58 seconds, and his 3-cone time is 6.82-seconds, which falls just under the average of 6.85-seconds. Jordan Fuller was declared slow and fell to Round 6 as a result. Is this lightning striking twice at the same spot for the LA Rams? Keep Russ Yeast on your radar, folks

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