LA Rams offer apparently not sweet enough to attract Honey Badger

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LA Rams Roster Tyrann Mathieu
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Latest rumors about Tyrann Mathieu

We may now finally understand the reason why the LA Rams pivoted and went so hard after defensive backs to bolster the secondary during the draft. Because the 2022 NFL Draft loomed on the horizon, many NFL teams prepared conditional interest in players.

Some examples? Interest in Cleveland Browns QB Baker Mayfield was conditional on no rookie quarterback selected in the draft. All of the teams that may have traded for Mayfield were successful in drafting their QB. So, no trade.

The New Orleans Saints had several safeties targetted in the draft. When they failed to land one, they immediately turned to veteran safety Tyrann Mathieu and aggressively began to pursue signing him (translation: their offer increased significantly).  So now, we are here. The latest reports over veteran Tyrann Mathieu seem to suggest that it’s all over but the shouting. He appears to be headed to the New Orleans Saints.

So when did the LA Rams front office learn of the development? I’d say that they knew earlier than we did and that their trade for cornerback Troy Hill was a preemptive strike in response to the news that would become public later. That news is breaking right now:

So how should the LA Rams respond?

Hey, with little coin to spare and more needs, there comes a time when the Rams must choose to do what’s right for the team. The future now has never been more true than for the LA Rams. But am I the only one to pick up the subtle differences in this draft?

In 2022, the LA Rams did not draft shiny baubles for the offensive. This is a fundamentally blue-collar workhorse draft that I am getting more and more satisfied with the more I dig into who the team added. No glitz. No glamor. But the pattern has become more obvious. The LA Rams are building layers to this team, stacking players with specific skillsets on the roster in a deliberate manner to ensure better insulation in case of any untimely injuries.

And even without Tyrann Mathieu on the roster, I’m feeling good about it.

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