LA Rams Draft: 5 Reasons Logan Bruss deserved a ‘Pool Party’

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LA Rams Draft Logan Bruss
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Pool party pick

Skill players fill stadium seats. Players who excel in the trenches, who can impose their will upon their opponent when the football is snapped and the pads crash together? They win championships.

After two years after drafting one offensive lineman in Round 7 of the 2020 NFL Draft (Tremayne Anchrum) and one year after signing a rookie offensive lineman after the 2021 NFL Draft (Alaric ‘A.J.’ Jackson), the LA Rams changed the pattern and used their first selection in the 2022 NFL Draft to add to the ranks of offensive linemen.

It was a necessary move. Forget the mirage of Best Player Available. There is a reason why teams do not take quarterbacks who are among the best players remaining on the draft board. NFL teams have a subset of positional needs, a group of positions that they intend to fill early, and they look for the best player available from that subset. The Rams, choosing outside of the Top 100 picks made in this draft, had to settle of sorts to the group of prospects that they felt would still be on the draft board.

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And so, the LA Rams, despite making fans wait two days and 104 draft picks before their first pick of the draft became official, seemed to shoot this one straight into the bullseye. We are not the only ones who think so.

What was the LA Rams staff’s reaction to the selection of Logan Bruss?

Per The Athletic’s Jordan Rodrigue, LA Rams scout Brian Hill pledged to jump into the pool if Wisconsin’s offensive lineman

Did a pool party pick actually happen? At 104? For these LA Rams? For An offensive lineman?

Yes, that’s right. An offensive lineman.