LA Rams Draft: 5 Reasons Logan Bruss deserved a ‘Pool Party’

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LA Rams Draft Logan Bruss
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Reason II: Our kind of guy

There are athletes, there are fits to a specific system, and then there is the highest recommendation that any scout or coach can bestow upon a rookie prospect. The “He’s our kind of guy” is more than just inviting the young man out with teammates so that he can pick up the tab for his teammates.

Offensive linemen for any NFL team are not five individual players. They play together, they leave the field together, but most of all, they are judged as a unit. And every member of that offensive line knows that. In fact, in many interviews, one of the comments made by an offensive lineman who finds himself starting for the first time is: “I didn’t want to let my teammates down,” because they are so closely aligned.

Mindset and fit are huge. But of all of the roles on a football field, all-for-one-and-one-for-all is perhaps the most critical to succeed in the NFL in the trenches. A solid teammate is one who can pancake his guy and then pivot quickly to help double team his teammates target.

Skilled players flourish with the LA Rams with a solid media presence. For the offensive linemen, it takes a special sort to be comfortable in front of a hot microphone and a rolling camera. Bruss has years before he is the spokesperson for any NFL team’s trenchwork, but he is already calm cool, and collected when the cameras are rolling.