LA Rams Draft: 5 Reasons Logan Bruss deserved a ‘Pool Party’

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LA Rams Draft Logan Bruss
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Reason V: He simply loves to block folks

In the end, the role of an NFL offensive lineman is not about scoring. It’s about protecting. It’s about lining up and not letting anyone from the opposing defense tackle or even get their hands on any of your teammates who possess the football. That means pass-blocking pass rushers.  It means blocking defensive linemen and linebackers on running plays.

Those are two different skillsets, and Bruss is very accomplished at both. Not only does he do so well, but he seems to really enjoy the job.  That actually made it fun to focus on his play as I worked on this article. He is a mean ole sonofagun when he puts on the pads. Not dirty. Not a cheap shot artist. But he plays with a bit of a snarl that is very entertaining.

And no, he does not put up with any bull dirt or shenanigans from defensive players who stray outside of the rules when they believe that the referees are not looking. Bruss is an enforcer, a loyal bodyguard. That’s above and beyond the call of duty. But we saved the best for last in this article. Ready?

Did you notice how Bruss pancaked Michigan Wolverine Edge rusher, Aiden Hutchinson, in the first play of his highlight video? Hutchison was selected with the second overall pick by the Detroit Lions. And he was flopped on his arse by the guy that the LA Rams selected at pick 104.

How well will offensive lineman Logan Bruss play for the LA Rams? That had yet to be determined. But you don’t wait for a newborn to reach retirement before celebrating that birth. You don’t await the 50th Wedding Anniversary to celebrate the wedding.

It’s okay to celebrate the arrival of somebody you think will be special.  So go ahead everyone, jump in that pool for LA Rams’ newly arrived offensive lineman Logan Bruss. Celebrate the joys in life when they happen.

Who knows? He could be a player we are discussing for years to come.

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