The LA Rams signed a gem in Cameron Dicker. But is he a kicker or punter?

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Mandatory Credit: Ben Queen-USA TODAY Sports /
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LA Rams Draft Cameron Dicker
Mandatory Credit: Ben Queen-USA TODAY Sports /

After the LA Rams sealed up their 2022 NFL Draft class, the team wasted no time in signing a host of undrafted free agent rookies to the team to create depth, competition, and perhaps uncover prospects worth developing into larger and perhaps more significant roles for the team.

One such player who was signed after the draft ended was Texas Longhorns punter/kicker Cameron Dicker. Unlike such punters like Colorado State Ryan Stonehouse or Nevada Julian Diaz, Dicker never appeared on the radar screen. So our familiarity with this new addition to the LA Rams roster is a bit limited. But we will become more familiar over time. And, of course, researching this article has helped get that ball rolling.

For starters, we are very pleased to note that the signing of Dicker creates immediate competition for the punter role. While the LA Rams did what they needed to do in the off-season by signing veteran punter Riley Dixon, the lack of obvious competition in training camp was a bit concerning.  Now? I think that the competition for the punting will be hotly contested.

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While Dicker did not hear his name called out during the 2022 NFL Draft, there were projections for him to be drafted as early as the fifth round.  All the while, he was projected as a placekicker, but he was a solid and accomplished punter in the last year of his college football career.  Not much in his book of business, you say? Well, that last chapter, where he starts punting for the Texans, will have you on the edge of your seat.