3 reasons why LA Rams should kick tires on FA Nick Foles

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LA Rams Free Agency Nick Foles
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Reason I: Minimal salary

After moving around so often, there are two conclusions that veteran quarterback Nick Foles has likely arrived at. He must be willing to play for less than most quarterbacks, and he would be wise to sign on with a successful team. Well the LA Rams are certainly a huge checkmark in the second category, as they are the defending NFL Champions.

Nick Foles is not an egotist. In fact, even if he had been at one time (he wasn’t), his career path in the NFL would have humbled all of that right out of him. He’s been in the NFL for ten seasons (just three seasons less than Matthew Stafford).

Training camp involves a lot of moving parts for a team. While the coaching staff is there to run the drills, keep things moving along, and troubleshoot anything that is out of whack for a player, they are only one person. Much of what happens in training camp in positive directions happens at that player to player level. Veterans explain what is expected and how to interpret everything that is going on around them to rookies and younger players.

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This year, QB Bryce Perkins is earning $825,000. Due to the new CBA, Foles would need to sign for a minimum of $1.12 million for one year. Because salary caps throughout training camp are calculated on the Top-51 players, signing Foles to the minimum would only impact the Rams’ salary cap on or about $320,000, because adding him to the Top-51 would bump a player earning on or about $832,000. That’s peanuts for a quarterback.

But if the LA Rams are ahead in the fourth quarter, and choose to send out the second-string to wrap up the game, I’d welcome having an offense that can continue to put pressure on the opponent’s defense. I would love to see some completions and some first downs, even if scoring is out of the question. I think Nick Foles, at the league minimum, can deliver that.

Now, the question is: Is he worth signing?