3 reasons why LA Rams should kick tires on FA Nick Foles

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LA Rams Free Agency Nick Foles
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Reason II: Pocket passer and QB depth

The NFL is a bit heartless when it comes to adversity that teams face over the course of the now-17 game season. The LA Rams should know that all-too-well after their 2021 NFL season. Their running back was all but obliterated with repeated injuries.  Their stockpiles of talent at wide receiver to begin the season was whittled down to about half as many healthy players when the postseason arrived.

Foles is a veteran quarterback who has a career record of 68-56, has a 62.9 percent completion rate, and has thrown for 14,003 yards, 82 touchdowns, and 43 interceptions. He has a career average of 11.0 yards per completion. Stafford, coincidentally, has a career average of 11.6 yards per completion.

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The question right now is about considering building the best roster. That has to take into consideration of future postseason play. And if you are looking at building the best roster for the LA Rams, a team that has every intention of playing in and winning in the NFL Playoffs, you may want to consider postseason accuracy.

Better yet, he had played with WR Allen Robinson over the past two seasons. That can mean quite a lot to the LA Rams coaching staff and players. Robinson is clearly a player the Rams hope to unlock and unleash in this offense. When Foles was throwing to him, he showed flashes of a player the Rams hope to see in their offense. That chemistry is already present, and Foles can help as the interpreter in the Rams’ offense to get Robinson unleashed quickly.