Analyzing the financial impact of the LA Rams 2022 draft class

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LA Rams Draft AJ Arcuri
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Offensive line

The LA Rams have not exactly broken the bank of late to pay for their offensive line. In fact, as of May 6, 2022, the LA Rams are on the hook for $28.5 million for their offensive linemen.  That comes in as the 23rd-most spent on offensive linemen before signing NFL draft rookies.  After signing rookies, expect the Rams to tumble further down the rankings. Why?

No. 104 – Wisconsin IOL Logan Bruss – $917,256
No. 261 – Michigan State OT A.J. Arcuri – $724,252

The LA Rams had just spent $3.5 million for OT Joseph Noteboom, $1.8 million for OC Brian Allen, and $1.5 million for Coleman Shelton. However, their contracts are backloaded, meaning that the longer they play for the Rams, the greater their compensation will be. And this was for the LA Rams proven starters.

There was no way to sell a $4 million rookie contract to the other players on the Rams roster at the offensive line position, not even if the rookie was the brother of an existing player. So the LA Rams made the wisest choice possible, and drafted offensive linemen whose salaries fall substantially less than their veteran players.

That creates two benefits. By earning more money, the veterans will play that much harder to earn and retain their starting roster spot. But even as that happens, it allows the Rams far more financial flexibility to address other roster positions. Like what? Like running back, for instance: