How did Rams rival do in the 2022 NFL Draft: San Francisco 49ers?

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We know how the LA Rams fared in the 2022 NFL Draft, but what about their rivals? Here is a look at what you need to know from the San Francisco 49ers draft class. Keep your friends close and your enemies closer, is how the old phrase goes. I think.

Anyways, let’s talk about the rival San Francisco 49ers, who came off of a year where they almost went to the Super Bowl, but dropped the game-winning interception and allowed the LA Rams to score and win the game.

In terms of this season, the 49ers are just as much of a threat this year. Now, they will be quarterbacked by their first-round pick from last year, Trey Lance. There have been some nasty rumors surrounding the franchise with him (gee, I wonder who started them) and his leadership, but everyone knows that Lance is potentially a very dangerous quarterback. Their offense is always great under Kyle Shanahan, and their defense is stifling.

How did they do in the NFL Draft?

Best pick: CB Tariq Castro-Fields, Penn State

Do you like discounts? Well, I can assure you that NFL teams love them, and the 49ers got Tariq Castro-Fields on clearance. Castro-Fields, to me, is a starting-level nickel who’s capable in several areas of the field and in almost any assignment. And the 49ers got him with the last pick of the sixth round. That’s insane.

That starting spot is held down right now by Emmanuel Mosely, but Castro-Fields could end up playing rundowns as well as special teams right away. He’s a beast on the back end and I thought he’d go much sooner than he did. I know the 49ers are happy that he did.

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The head-scratcher: RB Ty Davis-Price, LSU

We all understand that the 49ers love their running backs. Hell, they love them so much that they made Deebo Samuel into one last year (and now he wants a trade). But taking Ty Davis-Price with their second pick? With all of the running back talent left on the board?

Davis-Price is more of a power back who has some speed on the back end. When he was able to get on the field for LSU (injuries and suspensions), he looked good. I don’t think he looked great, but let’s just take a peek at who the 49ers passed up on to take him just at the running back position:

  • Brian Robinson, Alabama (5 picks later to Washington)
  • Dameon Pierce, Florida (4th round to Houston)
  • Zamir White, Georgia (4th round to Las Vegas)
  • Isaiah Spiller, Texas A&M (4th round to LA Chargers)
  • Pierre Strong Jr, South Dakota State (4th round to New England)
  • Hassan Haskins, Michigan (4th round to Tennessee)

Yeah, I don’t know what they were thinking either. But hey, go get your guy.

The San Francisco 49ers 2022 NFL Draft Class

  • DE Drake Jackson, USC
  • RB Ty Davis Price, LSU
  • WR Danny Gray, SMU
  • OT Spencer Burford, UTSA
  • CB Samuel Womack, Toledo
  • OT Nick Zakelj, Fordham
  • DT Kalia Davis, UCF
  • CB Tariq Castro-Fields, Penn State
  • QB Brock Purdy, Iowa State

Overall, there are not a lot of picks here that should impact very soon for the 49ers. Everyone here should end up deep in the depth chart developing this year, but there are a couple of guys who could potentially end up being real impact players for the 49ers.

Drake Jackson is a developmental edge prospect who offers a lot of upside as a speed rusher. He needs to add some weight and develop some counters to his game but once he does he will be a great compliment on the other side to Nick Bosa. Spencer Burford, the tackle from UTSA, was very promising as well. He just needs to adjust to the speed of the NFL and he could be a solid swing tackle and even start at the right tackle if they wanted him.

Overall, there is not a lot this year for Rams fans to worry about.

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