Yes, the LA Rams are building something special, again?

Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports
Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports /

Even as you will read a great deal about other NFL teams following the 2022 NFL Draft, we remain very optimistic about the chances of the LA Rams, the defending NFL Champions. Yes, it’s very difficult to repeat as Super Bowl winners. But the NFL has rigged the system to make it so. But with every gaming system, there is eventually someone who comes along and is simply inherently able to count cards, hit a hot streak, or simply outthink the competition.

The LA Rams’ unorthodox method of building an NFL Champion roster has proven that the team is onto something. Other NFL teams think so too, as there has been a wave of teams that have suddenly employed tactics used almost exclusively by the Rams front office before this year.

But this year, other teams have suddenly become far more aggressive in their willingness to trade picks. First-round picks have been exchanged for veteran quarterbacks as well as wide receivers. Will that convert losing football teams into winners? Well, the LA Rams have more than unorthodox tactics going for them. The Rams have a legacy of success over the past 25 years.

And so, the Rams are the second most successful team in the NFL over the past 25 seasons in terms of playoff success? That’s pretty impressive. But in the last five years, the Rams have improved to a regular-season winning percentage of .679 and a playoff winning percentage of .700. Has any other team come close at that rate of success in the regular season or the playoffs?

While the Kansas City Chiefs have a 60-21 record over the past five years, good enough for a .741 regular-season winning percentage, their 8-4 playoff record is only good enough for a .667 playoff win percentage. So in the past five seasons, the Rams have remained among the best of the NFL’s best.

This is the second season for veteran QB Matthew Stafford and the second year for DC Raheem Morris. The Rams have a much better feel this year of how to run their offense behind Stafford, and a clearer picture of the type of player who best fits Morris’ defense. So for anyone who is wondering:  Yes, the LA Rams are building something special. In fact, the Rams did it behind Kurt Warner. Now, the team is preparing to do so, again. behind Matthew Stafford.

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