Les Snead and Sean McVay recap the LA Rams 2022 NFL Draft

Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports
Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports /

We are in the process of digesting the impact of the 26 new faces on the LA Rams 90+1 roster. While many try to capture what the LA Rams did, based upon what they felt the Rams needed to do, we are trying to incorporate as many opportunities to assess how well the Rams organization did, based on what the team felt like they needed to do.

Ultimately, the goal was to fill open roster spots with the best talent and fit. Doing so in 2022 meant adding two players at a relative snail’s pace, and then sprinting in a mad dash between seven final draft picks and 17 undrafted rookies signings, all done almost instantly and efficiently. So how did the team do in its own opinion? Well, for that answer, let’s turn to the post-draft press conference held by LA Rams GM Les Snead and HC Sean McVay:

Right away, we know that based upon the initial comments from Les Snead that the Rams were unable to get to all of their draft targets. That should not surprise anyone. The LA Rams were drafting last among 32 NFL teams, so some players of interest by the Rams would almost certainly come off the board by the time the Rams stepped up to the podium.

At the 5:30 mark, Snead mentioned how now-retired offensive Andrew Whitworth challenged the Rams brain trust with the question: If you think that Logan Bruss has a chance to be a starting right guard, why wait for him? And so, the Rams tried to trade up for Bruss but failed to do so. Luckily, Bruss was still on the board at 104.

Does that mean that RB Kyren Williams, who the Rams traded up for to select at 164, is slotted to be in the starting mix at running back? I think that the evidence can be interpreted that way. Snead admitted as much when he finished off that moving-up commentary with the fact that Kyren Williams was a similar scenario.

McVay had a lot to say about Kyren Williams, so he has a true chance to claim a significant role in the Rams offense.

The LA Rams either believe that they landed some true impact players and where they may have missed in the secondary, doubled down to create significant competition for training camp. In the end, the Rams feel that they have some winners. Where they are less certain, they have doubled down and brought in multiple players to compete. Not just random players, but players with football in their genetics.

The Rams may have been tossing pennies. At the end of the draft, the Rams appear to have met their top needs.

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