LA Rams Draft: Who are the winners and losers?

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Offensive line

Winner – OG Logan Bruss

Given that free agent IOL Austin Corbett recently left the team and opened up a starting roster spot at the right guard position, rookie offensive lineman Logan Bruss has perhaps hit the biggest home run of the eight young men selected by the LA Rams. His new head coach, Sean McVay, who also happens to be the youngest head coach to win a Super Bowl championship, no less, has already said he expects Bruss to compete for the starting right tackle job.

While that is no guarantee, it’s hard to get much more validation or encouragement from your head coach than that. The now-former Wisconsin Badger only allowed one single sack in 596 snaps over the last three years. And that was in the Big Ten, where he faced guys like recent number two overall pick Aidan Hutchinson, now of the Detroit Lions.

Mcvay went on to say that Bruss is the nearest thing to a plug-and-play player that the NFL can expect. High praise indeed. This is largely thanks to the well-oiled machine the Rams’ offensive line has been of late. Last season, the Rams’ top-five offensive line combination played 717 snaps together, the fourth-most in the NFL, cultivating familiarity and understanding that should benefit Bruss well in his rookie season. Bruss already knows both Rob Havenstein and left guard David Edwards, as both played for Wisconsin, also, and both played during their rookie years. The knowledge and experience they possess should prove priceless to Bruss as he attempts to emulate their own success.

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Loser – OL Bobby Evans

LA Rams offensive lineman Bobby Evans has been circling the drain on the Rams roster for some time now.  Drafted by the Rams with the 97th pick of the 2019 NFL Draft, the upcoming 2022 season would be his fourth with the franchise, though he has been used sparingly throughout. He has had his chances, as he saw some playing time his rookie year at right tackle when Rob Havenstein was unfortunately injured.

In 2020, he was promoted in the Divisional Round at left guard when David Edwards was unable to suit up against the Green Bay Packers. Evans’s performance was forgettable. Still, he was given another opportunity, and once more he failed to show more than a basic level of performance. That persistence in struggling allowed others to leapfrog him on the team’s depth chart.

While the Rams’ opportunities have been at both guard and tackle, Evans has not shown a command of either role. Evans is a hard worker and always ready to step up when called on. Sadly for him, simply being available is not as valuable as being dominant, and this is what may ultimately cost him a roster spot in the end. Given that Sean Mcvay has said he expects Logan Bruss to become an immediate starter, as mentioned above, time may be up for the former Oklahoma Sooner. Bobby Evans may still have fans within Rams Nation. He just has to hope his coaches are still among them.