5 QBs who the LA Rams failed to sign after the 2022 NFL Draft

Mandatory Credit: John McCoy-USA TODAY Sports
Mandatory Credit: John McCoy-USA TODAY Sports /

The LA Rams are by no means looking for anyone to compete for the starting quarterback spot on their roster as veteran quarterback Matthew Stafford is ‘That Guy.’  He proved it by taking over for the LA Rams and, in his first season with the team, led them to a 12-5 record in his first season and a perfect 4-0 postseason record.

But there are reasons for teams to pay attention to the roster depth, particularly at the quarterback position. Stafford is a veteran of 13 NFL seasons, and he has had his share of getting banged up over that time. And the Rams have experienced the perils of short-sightedness over roster depth before. When TE Johnny Mundt fell to injury, the Rams’ offense had to reformulate their playbook over the course of several weeks to get back on track.

The LA Rams have built their offensive weaponry to augment and complement the skillset of  Matthew Stafford under center.  He is a pocket passer with the ability to make rapid progression reads and launch the football anywhere on the football field. His backups are more mobile, less accurate, and are not as adept at making their progression reads. Right now, the team that loves to carry four quarterbacks into training camp is at three quarterbacks.  There is a widespread belief that the team will add another hurler to the roster for training camp, but who?

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It’s slim pickings right now folks. We had compiled a list of quarterbacks who may have signed with the LA Rams after the draft, but these five prospects were quickly spoken for.

California QB Chase Garbers has signed on with the Las Vegas Raiders as an undrafted free agent.

Kent State QB Dustin Crum has since signed on with the Kansas City Chiefs as an undrafted free agent

Dustin Crum. NFL Draft Profile. QB. Kent St. FA. player. Draft Buzz. 2244

South Dakota State QB Chris Oladokun was drafted by the Pittsburgh Steelers with the 241st overall pick of the 2022 NFL Draft

NFL Draft Profile. Draft Buzz. South Dakota State. FA. player. QB. ChrisOladokun. 2376

Alabama A&M QB Aqeel Glass was not signed but rather was invited to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers camp to try out as a walk-on.

player. Draft Network. Draft Buzz. QB. Alabama A&M. FA. AqeelGlass. 2376

SE Louisianna QB Cole Kelley has signed on with the Washington Commanders.

NFL Draft Profile. SE Louisianna. ColeKelley. FA. 2377. Draft Buzz. QB. player

(Optional) Illinois QB Brandon Peters signed on with the LA Chargers.

The most likely scenario to play out now will be the Rams signing some NFL veteran quarterback at the minimum salary. Unfortunately, the supply of intriguing quarterbacks who might move the needle on the LA Rams roster is nearly exhausted.

Other options include the Rams adding a quarterback who will be released and appear on the NFL Waiver wire. Did the Rams miss an opportunity? Perhaps. But as we’ve witnessed, if they do, they will act promptly and decisively not to repeat that mistake next time.

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