3 LA Rams players who should join Tom Brady in broadcast booth

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The LA Rams have been Tom Brady and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in their last three meetings.
So is it any wonder that Brady, who retired and then unretired in the off-season, already has his next ‘gig’ lined up. Brady, one of the most controversial quarterbacks in the NFL, will step into the broadcast booth immediately after stepping off the football field for the final time.

The LA Rams face him and the Buccaneers one more time in 2022. Will this be the finale?

It appears as though Brady is already signed on with NFL on Fox Sports to join their broadcasting team as soon as he decides to retire again. Really? The guy has just gotten his helmet and shoulder pads out of mothballs and we’re already shipping him off to the broadcast booth?

Well, perhaps I overdid the mothballs. After all, this guy was retired for how long… a month? Six weeks tops? The curious thing is that as soon as he announced his retirement, the NFL yawned and moved on. But the Tampa Bay Buccaneers certainly faced some upheaval. Head coach Bruce Arians stepped down, Todd Bowles was named head coach.  Some attribute those events directly to Brady’s retirement/unretirement. We’ll let the Buccaneers sort all of that out. For us? It’s enough to know that Brady will be broadcasting NFL games at some point in the future:

While it feels a bit unusual to talk about Brady retiring, unretiring, and now broadcasting, there are good reasons for his willingness to do so. $375 million reasons to be exact.

At those rates, I can’t see Brady going past the 2022 NFL season. In fact, I’m not so sure he won’t come up limping in Game 1 and just rehab in the broadcast booth at those rates.

But while Brady joins the Fox Sports broadcast booth, who will join him? I mean, televised football broadcasts are more than a color commentator. It’s about comfort level, the ability to translate what is happening on the football field into a compelling narrative that viewers can follow and appreciate. While Brady can deliver on the football field, can he deliver that personable and persuasive ‘tune-in’ presentation that endears him to the viewing audience?

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I have my doubts. I’ve never felt particularly sympathetic to a professional football player who has historically refused to shake hands with the opposing quarterback when he loses.  So in the interest of improving televised games that feature Tom Brady in the broadcast booth, here are three broadcast booth partners who will appeal to a national audience and keep Brady’s bad sportsmanship in check…