3 LA Rams players who should join Tom Brady in broadcast booth

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Option II: Fear the beard

LA Rams retired safety Eric Weddle would be another ideal partner to slide into the chair next to Tom Brady in a broadcast booth. While Andrew Whitworth delivers in a warm conversational way, Eric Weddle has a rich history in the NFL, an NFL career that is long and full of colorful stories but wrapped up in a no-bullshit wrapper that would keep Brady grounded.

Weddle has made a living at playing in NFL secondaries. That has given him plenty of time to learn to respect and admire Tom Brady on the football field. And that spilled over into the Divisional Round of the NFL Playoffs when the Rams defeated the Buccaneers to advance to the NFC Championship Game. After the contest, Brady and Weddle had an exchange on the football field:

Weddle has a different perspective because he played on the defensive side of the football. He can read formations, narrate what the defense wants to do on any given play, and see the entire field. Eric Weddle and his signature full beard would give a full range of marketing options to Fox Sports, from catchphrases like Whiskers Wit or Bearded Breakdowns.

You simply will not get away trying to market Brady. But Eric Weddle? The possibilities are endless.