LA Rams boast 2nd best odds among NFC teams to win Super Bowl

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Does the NFL schedule matter? Will the LA Rams be a less accomplished team if they have an early BYE week? Well, that depends. To coaches and players, that sort of timing seems to make a huge difference in terms of health, injuries, and late-season playoff pushes. But to the executives who are involved in creating the annual schedules?

Not so much.

The LA Rams are the defending NFL Champions. In earlier chapters of NFL history, that used to mean quite a bit in terms of how likely a team might win another Super Bowl. But the NFL, savvy businessmen that they are, soon realized that dynasties were bad for business. And so, draft order, free agency, salary caps, and a host of other obstacles were constructed to prevent one city, one team, from dominating the NFL.

But give anyone enough time, and the constructs of one man become the solvable Rubik’s Cube to another. Have the LA Rams figured out a method of counting cards in the grand NFL casino?  Other NFL teams think so, as seven other NFL teams traded away their first-round pick in the 2022 NFL Draft to improve their roster in an alternative means.

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Oddsmakers like LA Rams approach

So the question now is, do the oddsmakers approve of the LA Rams’ unorthodox methods of roster building?   And if so, will it matter in terms of where they set the odds of the LA Rams repeating as Super Bowl winners?  Well, the pre-schedule release odds seem to suggest that they do.

Odds to win Super Bowl LVII

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Best odds for NFL teams to win SB LVII

  1. Buccaneers +600
  2. Bills               +700
  3. Chiefs         +1000
  4. Rams          +1000
  5. Packers      +1200
  6. 49ers          +1200
  7. Browns      +1500
  8. Chargers    +1500

So what does it all mean? Surprisingly, the return of Tom Brady to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers has propelled the Buccaneers to the most likely team to repeat. The Buffalo Bills, now armed with a rejuvenated Von Miller on defense, have moved into the top spot for the AFC. The LA Rams and Kansas City Chiefs, are tied as the third most likely NFL teams to win Super Bowl LVII and are the runner-ups in each of their respective conferences.

Curiously, the Rams face the Buccaneers, Chiefs, Packers, 49ers (X2), and Chargers this year. The Rams have a tough row to hoe this year, but experts seem to believe in the Rams this year.

We do too.

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