LA Rams win NFC West in latest win projections by BetSided

Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports
Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports /

Now that the 2022 schedule has been published for all 32 NFL teams, how warm and fuzzy do you feel? Well if you have all the confidence in the world, you can already start plotting ways to parlay that confidence against the uncertainty of the just-released NFL schedule to stake a wager and perhaps claim a bit of coin in the future.

Per the latest article from Peter Dewey of BitSided, the win totals below represent the 2022 NFL Win Total Predictions for Every Team (Consensus Odds). To help you out even further, I’ve resorted the projected post-schedule release win totals into a format you would more easily follow – the projected final standings.

We had posted a similar type format for projected wins, based upon’s data analytics expert Cynthia Frelund. In both cases, the LA Rams are projected to win the NFC West once more, and the NFC West is projected to send three teams to the playoffs.

In this projection, the Dallas Cowboys are projected to win the NFC East outright, and the Minnesota Vikings slide in as the seventh-seeded NFC team to make the playoffs.

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NFC Conference

NFC West
Los Angeles Rams: 10.5 (Over -110/Under -110)
San Francisco 49ers: 10 (Over -110/Under -110)
Arizona Cardinals: 9 (Over +115/Under -135)
Seattle Seahawks: 5.5 (Over -120/Under +100)

NFC South
Tampa Bay Buccaneers: 11.5 (Over -110/Under -110)
New Orleans Saints: 8 (Over -110/Under -110)
Carolina Panthers: 6 (Over -105/Under -115)
Atlanta Falcons: 5 (Over +100/Under -120)

NFC North
Green Bay Packers: 11 (Over -120/Under +100)
Minnesota Vikings: 9 (Over +100/Under -120)
Chicago Bears: 6.5 (Over -110/Under -105)
Detroit Lions: 6.5 (Over -105/Under -115)

NFC East
Dallas Cowboys: 10.5 (Over -105/Under -115)
Philadelphia Eagles: 8.5 (Over -150/Under +125)
Washington Commanders: 7.5 (Over -125/Under +105)
New York Giants: 7 (Over -110/Under -110)

NFC Divisional Winners: Buccaneers (1st seed), Packers (2nd seed), Rams (3rd seed), Cowboys (4th seed)
NFC Wildcard Teams: 49ers (5th seed), Cardinals (6th seed), Vikings (7th seed)

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AFC Conference

AFC West
Kansas City Chiefs: 10.5 (Over -115/Under -105)
Denver Broncos: 10 (Over -110/Under -110)
Los Angeles Chargers: 10 (Over -115/Under -105)
Las Vegas Raiders: 8.5 (Over -110/Under -110)

AFC South
Tennessee Titans: 9.5 (Over +115/Under -135)
Indianapolis Colts: 9.5 (Over -130/Under +110)
Jacksonville Jaguars: 6 (Over -120/Under +100)
Houston Texans: 4.5 (Over +125/Under -150)

AFC North
Cleveland Browns 10.5 (Over +103, Under -125)
Cincinnati Bengals: 10 (Over +110/Under -130)
Baltimore Ravens: 9.5 (Over -130/Under +110)
Pittsburgh Steelers: 7.5 (Over -120/Under +100)

AFC East
Buffalo Bills 11.5 (Over -130/Under +110)
Miami Dolphins: 9 (Over +100/Under -120)
New England Patriots: 8.5 (Over -120/Under +100)
New York Jets: 5.5 (Over -145/Under +120)

AFC Divisional Winners: Bills (1st-seed), Chiefs (2nd-seed), Browns (3rd-seed),  Titans (4th-seed)
AFC Wildcard Teams: Broncos (5th seed), Bengals (6th-seed), Chargers (7th-seed)

In this version of projected wins, the Browns win the AFC North, the Bengals replace the Baltimore Ravens as an AFC North playoff team, and the Las Vegas Raiders miss out on the playoffs altogether.

This is the second far-too-early projection of the experts where the LA Rams win the NFC West. Does that make you more or less comfortable about the upcoming season?

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