Let’s meet all of the LA Rams 17 undrafted rookie signings

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Defensive backs (2)

DB Daniel Isom out of Washington State did not attract much interest from draft analysts, and as such did not have a lot said about him. Do not confuse that lack of focus with a lack of NFL potential. He certainly has that. In fact, he has some rather intriguing qualities.

For starters, he has good height and weight for an NFL defensive back. Standing 6-foot-0 and weighing 194-pounds, Isom is big enough to compete right out of the gates. He played four seasons for the Cougars, 31 games, and piled up 157 tackles, 3.5 tackles for a loss, one quarterback sack, and one interception.

While nothing jumps off the page in terms of remarkable performances, neither does anything stand out as a glowing failure. Isom is a solid contributor who has improved and developed over time.

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DB Terrell “T.J.” Carter out of Texas Christian University is a 5-foot-11 193-pound defensive back who excels in zone coverages, but who has enough chops to put up a fight in man coverage as well. He played four seasons for Memphis but elected to play his final year of eligibility with Texas Christian University.

As a result, he played 54 games and recorded 249 tackles, six tackles for a loss, one quarterback sack, and seven interceptions. One interception resulted in a pick-six.

While he is a solid outside cornerback, he has the type of skill set that translates into a hybrid CB/S due to his sure tackling. Because he can be beaten deep in man coverages, placing him in a Cover 3 shell would optimize his play style. And the LA Rams use plenty of zone coverage under DC Raheem Morris.

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Safety (1)

S Jairon McVea out of Baylor does not immediately strike someone as a typical  NFL safety. He stands just 5-foot-9 and weighs a rather light 185-pounds. But he can play pass coverage. And lo-and-behold, his weight, height, and 40-time (4.5 seconds) are nearly a match for NFL DB Tyrann Mathieu.

So it makes some logical sense to believe that the LA Rams’ selection of McVea after the draft is with the potential to develop him into that hybrid safety/cornerback role that Tyrann Mathieu has perfected so far. And there is potential to do so.

McVea is fearless and will jump routes and defend passes when the opportunity presents itself. He reads the quarterback’s eyes and will anticipate where the ball will be thrown. Plays bigger than he is, surprisingly effective in run defense.

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